Catch your outdoor inspiration with FRUITEAM


FRUITEAM is an e-tailer of patio umbrellas, umbrella bases, and patio furniture, dedicated to providing patio products that fit the majority of American patio styles.


We work with factories to mass-produce and sell patio products, allowing us to offer a wide range of reasonably priced products to our customers.


At the same time, we pay attention to customer experience. We ask for suggestions from our customers before we make our products. At present, the sun flower base is a classic model in the base, which is loved by customers and has obtained the patent certificate of the United States.











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 Where It All Began...

In 2003, FRUITEAM was established. At the beginning of the establishment, designers with decades of experience has been at the core of our innovation team for decades. As a provider of outdoor patio products, the sunflower series and rattan series products we designed are loved by many consumers, and become the classic styles of courtyards



Each FRUITEAM product is thoughtfully designed, humane, versatile and durable. We strive to provide everyone with the best product and service that will always accompany the development of FRUITEAM. The concept of sustainable environmental protection is also the original intention of our product design. Sustainability is in Our DNA.


"Do our best to create a happier healthier world.  "

                                             -Miya, Co-Founder & CEO